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Anarchism, Penal Law and Popular Resistance published by EG Press

Eg Press is pleased that it has (eventually) published Anarchism, Penal Law and Popular Resistance:  Papers from the Penal Law, Abolition and Anarchism Conference Volume II comprising of a selection of papers originally presented at the 2014 British/Irish Section of the European Group's conference in Nottingham. The collection is edited by Andrea Beckman, J.M. Moore and Azrini Wahidin and includes authors from Brazil, Italy, Spain and England.

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Cadenza - A Professional Autobiography by Thomas Mathiesen now available

Thomas Mathiesen's professional autobiography Cadenza is now available from EG Press.  We think it is brilliant, but you would expect that.  So what are others saying about it?

In radical criminology, Thomas Mathiesen is the oppositional thinker non plus ultra – the scholar-activist who gave us the concepts of “the competing contradiction” and “the unfinished” and showed us how to deploy them in radical penal reform. In this compelling memoir, Mathiesen traces the intellectual, institutional and personal struggles out of which these concepts emerged. A singular work by a singular sociologist.
David Garland, author of The Culture of Control

Thomas Mathiesen’s academic and activist lifework coincides with the European Group for the Study of Deviance and Social Control’s core activities and principles since its 1973 foundation in Florence, which Mathiesen attended and to which he has been dedicated ever since. His lifelong combination of research and activism, through both the prisoners’ rights movement KROM, part of the groundwork for the European Group, and otherwise, is here rigorously documented in a most inspired and engaging way. This book will be a huge inspiration for ongoing efforts, struggles and work yet to come within Mathiesen’s main focus areas; most importantly through the science of opposition, abolitionism, action research and perspectives from below. This book tells the history of prison abolitionism and fights for social justice, primarily in Norway, covering victories and achievements, including abandoning forced labour and the vagrancy act, while pointing out future directions in a way that makes us see not only the necessity, but also the possibility, of a more just society
Ida Nafstad, Co-ordinator of the European Group for the Study of Deviance and Social Control

Not only a fascinating account of the professional life of a distinguished Norwegian criminologist and socio-legal scholar, but also an inspirational account of his research and the political activity arising from it in ‘defence of the weak’: not only prisoners but also others threatened by excesses of state power and neglect. Thomas Mathiesen calls for a revival of the approach that he and Nils Christie championed in Scandinavia, namely to promote criminology as a ‘distinctly oppositional activity’, the goal of which should be not simply to recommend reforms but to work to bring them to fruition through political activity and ultimately to eliminate the prison from the armoury of the state.
Roger Hood, Professor Emeritus of Criminology, University of Oxford

his book provides a fascinating insight into the singular career of one of the world’s best-known sociologists working on questions of penal and social control. Weaving the personal with the political, the local with the international, Thomas Mathiesen recounts his long experience as participant-observer of the key social trends of the last seventy years, showing how the field of sociology can have a concrete influence on the real world.
Emma Bell, Professor of British Politics, Université de Savoie Mont Blanc

Mathiesen is a transgressor amongst transgressors, a noble subversive amongst subversives. His is an ‘unfinished’ (his term) call to action, like this splendid autobiography which will never ‘finish’ to inspire us and the future generations.
Vincenzo Ruggiero, Middlesex University, author of Penal Abolitionism

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Voices of Resistance now available

Voices of Resistance: Subjugated knowledge and the challenge to the criminal justice system, edited by Kym Atkinson, Antoinette R Huber and Katie Tucker is being published jointly by EG Press and the Centre for the Study of Crime, Criminalisation and Social Exclusion (CCSE), Liverpool John Moores University.

Full details of the book are available here

This is the second joint publication between EG Press and CCSE. Earlier in the year we published Women Crime and Criminology: A Celebration edited by Helen Monk and Joe Sim. We are pleased to offer a 10% discount to orders for both books made at the same time. 

Vol. 1 No. 2. Justice Power and Resistance Publication Delayed

Publication of the second 2017 issue of the Journal has been delayed.

Both the editorial and production is done in-house on a voluntarily basis by members of the European Group. Delays on the editorial side combined by EG Press production being suspended (from early August to mid-September due to home moves) means the next number will now not be available until October. We are still on schedule to produce the third and final 2017 number in December.

Apologies for the delay in getting the latest edition of the journal out. However, we do need time to ensure the quality of both its editorial and its production and have chosen to protect quality but not rushing it.

For those who need an immediate fix of European Group related readings please consider ordering one (or more) of EG Press's recent publications: Emerging VoicesVoices of Resistance and Women, Crime and Criminology: A Celebration.

Emerging Voices

EG Press publishes Emerging Voices

We are really pleased to announce the forthcoming publication of Emerging Voices: Critical Social Research by European Group Postgraduate and Early Career Researchers edited Samantha Fletcher and Holly White.

Emerging Voices introduces the scholarly and activist work currently being undertaken by twenty-six early career researchers from the European Group for the Study of Deviance and Social Control. This diverse collection is united by a common commitment to the founding principles and the ethos of the Group: the promotion of critical analysis, speaking truth to power, direct engagement, challenging dominant narratives that marginalise, and seeking out social justice.  

All chapters are accompanied by extended biographies that detail the wider research, activism, and other endeavours of the contributors.

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Justice, Power & Resistance call for papers: Special Edition: Minorities, Crime and (In)justice

Within the contemporary moment, we detect the (re)emergence of official narratives that serve to situate social problems within a logic of pathological, maladjusted and/or culturally unassimilable minority groups to legitimise state-enabled (and sanctioned) violence.

Simultaneously, across the globe, the oft-communicated advance of right-wing populism necessitates political reactions, often exerted through penal apparatus, which disproportionately affect, yet paradoxically legitimise, the state’s harmful incursion into the lives of minorities. Emergent processes of criminalisation are deliberately concealed, hidden away and perennially denied. Moreover, the recent intensification of systemic state-enabled violence against LGBTQ, racialised and religiously defined bodies are now met with an academic ‘strategic silence’ (Matheisen, 2004) or are empirically argued away (Harris 2009, Cohen 2001). This silence is now giving way to ‘dangerous criminologies’ located within the criminogenic and pathologising tendencies of realist(s) interpretations which uncritically serve to reaffirm the cultural and societal incompatibility of minority groups as (an)other.

Despite the advances of critical counter-narratives to assuage such tendencies, we are again in the midst of State orchestrated and hegemonic narratives which serve to attribute contemporary social problems to the non-citizen and failed-citizen (Anderson 2013). This issue of the European Group journal welcomes papers and articles that reposition and centralise the ‘crime’ and criminal justice concerns of minority individuals, groups and ‘communities’ back onto the political and activist agenda. Furthermore, we also welcome contributions which appraise and challenge contemporary theoretical and conceptual thinking which simplistically serves to ‘other’ and impede minority perspectives (Phillips and Bowling, 2003).

Completed contributions, in English, should be submitted to one of the editors: Monish Bhatia ( or Patrick Williams ( by the deadline which is 15 November 2017. In the meantime, potential contributors are welcome to contact the editors to discuss potential papers.

Contents of Volume 1, Number 1, of the Journal "Justice, Power and Resistance" (April 2017)

Editorial "Critical Criminology" 


Vincenzo Ruggerio “Networks of greed”

Herman Bianchi “Abolition: Assensus and sanctuary”

Anne Alvesalo-Kussi and Liisa Lahteenmaki "Corporate criminal liability and abolitionism – An unholy alliance of corporate power and critical criminology?"
Massimo Pavarini “Strategy for combat: Prisoner’s rights and abolitionism”

Rosa Del Olmo “Limitations for the prevention of violence: The Latin American reality and its criminological theory”

Claudia Mantovan “Contested areas. Coexistence, conflict and governance in the districts near the railway stations of Padua and Mestre”

Activist Contributions 

Tammy Castle and Danielle McDonald ‘Intellectual activism and public engagement: Strategies for academic resistance’

Natacha Filippi ‘The Birth of a Red Alarm Button: Against Institutional Violence in Barcelona – the SIRECOVI system’


Justice, Power and Resistance - “Thinking about justice" 

Book Reviews 

Matt Clement 'Review of From #blacklivesmatter to black liberation. Keeanga Yamata Taylor'

JM Moore 'Review of Bastille Nation: French Penal Politics and the Punitive Turn. Jean Bérard and Gilles Chantraine'

Women Crime & Criminology - A Celebration

Women Crime and Criminology: A Celebration

We are pleased to announce that we are about to publish jointly with the Centre for the Study of Crime, Criminalisation and Social Exclusion, LJMU, the collection Women Crime and Criminology: A Celebration edited by Helen Monk and Joe Sim.

It includes contributions from Frances Heidensohn, Richard Collier and Carol Smart as well as an introduction by Helen Monk and Joe Sim.

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Global South Journal Subscriptions cut by 50%

EG Press is pleased to announce that we have reduced by 50% the subscription rates to Justice, Power and Resistance  for subscribers in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

The new subscription rates are:

  • US$12.50 Foundation Volume (2016) only
  • US$37.50 Volume 1 (2017) All three Issues
  • US$50.00 Foundation Volume (2016) and Volume 1 (2017) - A total of four issues
  • US$75.00 Volume 1 (2017) and Volume 2 (2018) - A total of six issues
  • US$87.50 Foundation Volume (2016),Volume 1 (2017) and Volume 2 (2018) - A total of seven issues

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Beyond Criminal Justice

Beyond Criminal Justice Republished

EG Press is pleased to republish the anthology Beyond Criminal Justice previously published by the European Group for the Study of Deviance and Social Control. It is a brilliant selection of Abolitionist Papers presented to conferences of the European Group.

Edited by: J.M. Moore,  Bill Rolston, David Scott and  Mike Tomlinson

UK: £10; Europe 10€; Rest of the World $15

Beyond Criminal Justice presents a vision of a future without brutal, authoritarian and repressive penal regimes. Many of the papers brought together here have been unavailable for more than two decades. Their republication indicates not only their continuing theoretical importance to abolitionist studies but also how they provide important insights into the nature and legitimacy of criminal processes in the here and now. Contributors highlight the human consequences of the harms of imprisonment, evidencing the hurt, injury and damage of penal incarceration across a number of different countries in Europe.  Focusing on penal power and prisoner contestation to such power, the moral and political crises of imprisonment are laid bare.

For the full contents please see here


Abstracts for the papers from the forthcoming Non-Penal Real Utopias edition of Justice, Power and Resistance now available

Abstracts for the 13 papers in the forthcoming foundational issue of Justice, Power and Resistance, the Journal of the European Group for the Study of Deviance and Social Control to be published in September 2016 have now been published. The volume is a special edition on the theme of Non-Penal Real Utopias edited by Emma Bell and David Scott. 

The abstracts for all the papers are now available here: Non-Penal Real Utopias Foundation Volume (2016) Justice, Power and Resistance 

The Journal will be published in hard copy for distribution to subscribers on the 1st September 2016.  Electronic versions will be made available by EG Press on an open access basis from the 1st March 2017

The European Group launches new Journal

The editors of the new journal, Emma Bell and David Scott write …

Justice, Power and Resistance, the new journal  is 44 years in the making. The first meeting of the European Group for the Study of Deviance and Social Control [European Group] took place in September 1972 at Impruneta, Florence, Italy and it was agreed by those founding members present – who included Stan Cohen, Margherita Ciacci, Karl Schuman, Mario Simondi and Laurie Taylor - that the following year the European Group would host its first annual conference at the same location.   European Group Annual conferences have been held each year since 1973 and this journal is to be launched at the 44th Annual Conference at Braga, Portugal in September 2016 (see Gilmore et al, 2013, for further details on European Group annual conferences). 

The first publication to come under the auspices of the European Group was the ‘European Group Manifesto’, which was adopted by members at the 1974 Colchester conference, England and published in the American Journal Social Justice in 1975.  Laying down the principles and organisational structure of the European Group, the Manifesto noted that the early focus of the group had been on “penal institutions and prisoner movements, psychiatric control, police practices and procedures, politics and deviancy and the changing nature of legal repression” (European Group 1975: 57).

A more detailed account of early European Group conference papers was also published in 1975.  Edited by Herman Bianchi, Mario Simondi and Ian Taylor Deviancy and Control in Europe brought together national reports on deviancy and social control in five countries (Britain, Italy, Netherlands, West Germany and Norway) and also provided a number of chapters exploring prisoner movements across Europe as well as a selection of conference papers.  Many European Group conference papers have been published in journals, books and other publication formats over the last forty years but there have also been books published which have specifically been based on conference proceedings. 

From 1980 through to 1990 the European Group published 10 volumes of its ‘Working Papers in European Criminology’ which brought together 163 conference papers delivered in this period (see Gilmore et al 2013 pp 370-381).    The working papers explored issues around terrorism and state violence; state control and the security state; the experiences of young people; social movements and social conflicts; technologies and social control; expanding penal systems; civil rights; justice and ideology; and gender, sexuality and social control (Ibid). Although there was to be one further volume in 1996 bringing together a further 14 papers (Ibid:382) exploring issues on citizenship, human rights and minorities, focus shifted away from ‘Working Papers in European Criminology’ and towards the idea of developing a ‘European Group Journal’.

The initial proposal for a European Group Journal reached its full development in the early years of this century.  Paddy Hillyard, who had been one of the editors of the Working Papers, alongside other leading members of the European Group such as Steve Tombs, Christina Pantazis and Simon Pemberton compiled a detailed proposal identifying the core aims of the journal and also the constitution of its editorial board.  Although this proposal was passed by the European Group steering committee and the Annual General Meetings at the 2004 and 2005 annual conferences, problems subsequently arose with the proposed publisher.  The journal, Justice, Power and Resistance, draws upon both the ‘Working Papers in European Criminology’ and the journal idea originally proposed by Paddy Hillyard and others.

At the 2010 Annual Conference in Lesvos, Greece two important things happened which resulted in the European Group Journal finally being established. The first development occurred following a hugely successful conference, when the conference convenor, Stratos Georgoulas (2012) edited a book bringing together a number of the papers delivered in Lesvos.  This restarted the tradition of bringing out an edited book of working papers after each conference.  Papers from Chambery, France in 2011 (Bell, 2012), Nicosia, Cyprus in 2012 (Sorvatzioti et al, 2013) and Oslo, Norway 2013 (Sollund, 2014) were all published collectively, building momentum for a specific European Group outlet. 

An edited book to celebrate the 40th Conference of the European Group was also published in 2013 (Gilmore et al, 2013).  The second development arose in the months leading up to the Lesvos conference when David Scott and John Moore started to work on reviving the ‘European Group Journal’.  This went as far as putting together a new journal proposal and editorial collective and international advisory board and tying this together with the 2004/2005 journal proposal.  After discussions at the 2010 conference it was agreed with a number of leading members that the new journal would need to be developed slowly and that we needed to learn from the difficulties that had been encountered previously.

At the Annual General Meeting of the Oslo 2013 conference, 40 years after the first conference, Emma Bell and David Scott were given permission to work towards developing a proposal and timescale for a new ’European Group Journal’.  At the same time John Moore (later with Emma Bell and David Scott) re-started the tradition of the European Group publishing its own conference papers.  The European Group had, for example, published the first 10 Working Papers in European Criminology.  The first new publications by the European Group was a selection of papers on penal abolitionism drawn from the now largely unavailable Working Papers in European Criminology (Moore et al, 2014) and this was followed shortly by a collection of papers from the first conference of the re-established Working Group on Prisons, Detention and Punishment held in Liverpool in March 2013 (Canning, 2014). 

At the 42nd Annual Conference it was agreed to establish the European Group’s own publisher – EG Press and that the new “European Group Journal” to be edited by former co-ordinators of the European Group David Scott and Emma Bell would  be published by EG Press. The title of the new journal – Justice, Power and Resistance – was agreed at the 43rd Annual Conference in Tallin, Estonia.



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Full Cover for Foundation Issue

Non-Penal Real Utopias - Foundation (2016) Volume of Justice, Power and Resistance Contents Announced

The contents of the forthcoming foundational issue of Justice, Power and Resistance, the Journal of the European Group for the Study of Deviance and Social Control to be published in September 2016 have been announced. The volume is a special edition on the theme of Non-Penal Real Utopias edited by Emma Bell and David Scott. With 14 articles it will be a bumper first edition and a must read. 

A Full list of contents is available here: Non-Penal Real Utopias Foundation Volume (2016) Justice, Power and Resistance 

The Journal will be published in hard copy for distribution to subscribers on the 1st September 2016.  Electronic versions will be made available by EG Press on an open access basis from the 1st March 2017