Volume 2, Number 1, of Justice, Power and Resistance, the Journal of the European Group for the Study of Deviance and Social Control was published in April 2018.


Justice, Power and Resistance makes all content electronically available on an open access basis approximately 6 months after publication.  Therefore, the full content of Volume 2, Number 1 will be available below in October 2018.


Papers from the Tallinn Conference:

Avi Brisman, Nigel South and Reece Walters  Southernizing green criminology: Human dislocation, environmental injustice and climate apartheid

Paddy Rawlinson  New missionaries, old crimes: the violent continuity of colonialism

Dean Wilson  Constructing the Real-Time Border: Frontex, Risk and Dark Imagination

Kerry Moore, Mike Berry and Iñaki Garcia-Blanco    Saving Refugees or Policing the Seas? How the national press of five EU member states framed news coverage of the migration crisis

Ida Nafstad  Roma Law, National Minority Rights and Equality before the Law in Norwegian and Swedish Courts

Päivi Honkatukia and Martta Myllylä   Other kind of violence? Tracing racialisation in police reports on assaults against young people by family members

Alvise Sbraccia    Recidivism: theoretical perspectives and qualitative research


Joe Sim  We Are All (Neo) Liberals Now: Reform and the Prison Crisis in England and Wales

Voices of activists and people embroiled within state institutions:

Joseph Dole Endless Punishment: What Happens after a Prison Staff Assault

David Scott  Saying NO to the mega prison

Andrea Beckmann, Amelie Rosa Beckmann-Cooper and J. M. Moore   “You have to do something”: a visit to the Kempsons in Molyvos


Justice, Power and Resistance  The Meaning of Resistance


Greta Squire  The Violence of Austerity. Edited by Vickie Cooper and David Whyte