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Anarchism, Penal Law and Popular Resistance:  Papers from the Penal Law, Abolition and Anarchism Conference Volume II (November 2018)
(Editors: Andrea Beckman, J.M. Moore and Azrini Wahidin)
Papers originally presented at the 2014 British/Irish Section of the European Group's conference in Nottingham




Anarchism, resistance and ‘the insurrection of                                   
subjugated knowledges’
Andrea Beckmann

  1. Anarchist criminology? Some scientific, political                                
    and academic implications
    Alejandro Forero
  2. Law, alt-law and the rule of law: resources for radicals                
    Phil Edwards
  3. Demonstrations in Brazil and the Criminal-Justice System           
    Carlos Henrique Naegeli Gondim and Diogo Justino

  4. Challenging the Hegemonic Discourse on Crime                             
    through the New Media: The Case "Where is Amarildo?"
    Marília De Nardin Budó and Eduarda Toscani Gindri
  5. Spain: Class war in the new punitive normal                                     
    Daniel Jimenez Franco
  6. Preface to the Criminal Question as Indigenous Questions          
    Eduardo Baker
  7. ‘Yesterday, I saw a rabbit!’:  reflections on a lesson                       
    criminology has not learnt from the holocaust, or why
    some principles from anarchism may trump sovereignty
    in combating genocide.
    Wayne Morrison
  8. Conference call for papers                                                                      
  9. Conference Report                                                                                  
    Andrea Beckmann and Alma Agostini


A selection of Louk Hulsman’s writings published in English                 


Edited by: Andrea Beckman, J.M. Moore and Azrini Wahidin