An Anthology of Abolitionist Papers presented to conferences of the European Group for the Study of Deviance and Social Control

Edited by: J.M. Moore,  Bill Rolston, David Scott and  Mike Tomlinson

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  1. Beyond Criminal Justice  J.M. Moore and David Scott
  2. Whither Abolitionism?  Jacqueline Bernat de Celis
  3. Marxian Theory and Abolitionism: Introduction to a Discussion  Heinz Steinert
  4. The Necessity of Punishment in a Just Social Order: A Critical Appraisal  Willem de Haan
  5. Dissolution and Expansion  Sebastian Scheerer
  6. Mental and Social Sequelae of Isolation: The evidence of deprivation experiments and of pre-trial detention in Denmark   Ida Koch
  7. Prison Politics and Prisoners Struggles in Italy   Raffaele Calderone and Piere Valeriani
  8. Working for the Clampdown: Prisons and Politics in England and Wales  Joe Sim
  9. The Experiment that went Wrong: The crisis of deaths in Custody at the Glenochil Youth Complex Phil Scraton and Kathryn Chadwick
  10. The Image of Power: Abolitionism, Emancipation,  Authoritarian Idolatry and the Ability of Unbelief   Rene van Swaaningen
  11. Sexual Violence, Criminal Law and Abolitionism  Marijke Meima
  12. The Traitorous Temptation of Criminal Justice: Deceptive Appearances?  The Dutch Women's  Movement, Violence against Women and the  Criminal Justice System    Jolandeuit Beijerse and Rene Kool
  13. The Protection of Women by the Criminal Justice System? Reflections on Feminism, Abolitionism and Power  Willemien de Jongste
  14. Mediation: An Experiment in Finland  Marti Gronfors
  15. ‘It’s a long road to wisdom, but it is a short one to being ignored’: moving forward towards abolition   David Scott and J.M. Moore
  16. Appendix A        42 Conferences of the European group
  17. Appendix B         Table of Contents from published Books of European Group Conferences Papers
  18. Appendix C.       A selection of Louk Hulsman’s writings published in English
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