Beyond Criminal Justice

Beyond Criminal Justice Republished

EG Press is pleased to republish the anthology Beyond Criminal Justice previously published by the European Group for the Study of Deviance and Social Control. It is a brilliant selection of Abolitionist Papers presented to conferences of the European Group.

Edited by: J.M. Moore,  Bill Rolston, David Scott and  Mike Tomlinson

UK: £10; Europe 10€; Rest of the World $15

Beyond Criminal Justice presents a vision of a future without brutal, authoritarian and repressive penal regimes. Many of the papers brought together here have been unavailable for more than two decades. Their republication indicates not only their continuing theoretical importance to abolitionist studies but also how they provide important insights into the nature and legitimacy of criminal processes in the here and now. Contributors highlight the human consequences of the harms of imprisonment, evidencing the hurt, injury and damage of penal incarceration across a number of different countries in Europe.  Focusing on penal power and prisoner contestation to such power, the moral and political crises of imprisonment are laid bare.

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