Contents of Volume 1, Number 1, of the Journal "Justice, Power and Resistance" (April 2017)

Editorial "Critical Criminology" 


Vincenzo Ruggerio “Networks of greed”

Herman Bianchi “Abolition: Assensus and sanctuary”

Anne Alvesalo-Kussi and Liisa Lahteenmaki "Corporate criminal liability and abolitionism – An unholy alliance of corporate power and critical criminology?"
Massimo Pavarini “Strategy for combat: Prisoner’s rights and abolitionism”

Rosa Del Olmo “Limitations for the prevention of violence: The Latin American reality and its criminological theory”

Claudia Mantovan “Contested areas. Coexistence, conflict and governance in the districts near the railway stations of Padua and Mestre”

Activist Contributions 

Tammy Castle and Danielle McDonald ‘Intellectual activism and public engagement: Strategies for academic resistance’

Natacha Filippi ‘The Birth of a Red Alarm Button: Against Institutional Violence in Barcelona – the SIRECOVI system’


Justice, Power and Resistance - “Thinking about justice" 

Book Reviews 

Matt Clement 'Review of From #blacklivesmatter to black liberation. Keeanga Yamata Taylor'

JM Moore 'Review of Bastille Nation: French Penal Politics and the Punitive Turn. Jean Bérard and Gilles Chantraine'