Emerging Voices
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Steve Tombs Preface

Samantha Fletcher and Holly White Introduction             

Maya Barak Fairness and the Law: Central American Experiences in U.S. Immigration Court

Una Barr Are Neoliberal, Patriarchal Societies Compatible with Desistance? A Consideration of the Experiences of a Group of English Women caught up in the Criminal Justice System

Paul Betts Evidence-Based Policing or Policy-Based Evidence-Making? The Case of British Policing

Jon Davies Labour Exploitation and Migrant Workers in UK Food Supply Chains

Helen Elfleet Post-Release Experiences after Corston (2007)

Natacha Filippi Prisons, Citizenship and Democratic Transitions: A Crossed Gaze between South Africa and Spain

Samantha Fletcher ‘It’s not a protest, it’s a process’: Protest, Resistance and the War of Position in the Advanced Capitalist State

Helena Gosling Creating and Developing Inclusive Learning Environments Beyond the Prison Gates

Kirsty Greenwood ‘Social justice’ in Women’s Centres? Experiences and Impact of Gender-Specific Service Provision

Nicola Harding Why Feminist Criminology Must Pose a Methodological Challenge to Male-Centred Criminological Theory

Andrew Henley Criminal Records and Conditional Citizenship: Towards a Critical Sociology of Post-Sentence Discrimination

Laura Kelly Life in Prison through the Lens of Deafness: The Experiences of Deaf Prisoners in England and Wales

Claudia Mantovan An Alternative to Zero-Tolerance Policies? The Project Implemented in the Multi-Ethnic ‘Piave’ Neighbourhood in Mestre, Venice

Agnieszka Martynowicz “…They Didn’t Ask Us to Come Here, Did They?” The Pain of the Threat of Expulsion in a Contemporary Prison

Gillian McNaull Critical Feminist Methodology: A Reflexive Account of Prison Research

Ashley S. F. Rogers Women’s Rights and Legal Consciousness in Bolivia: A Socio-Legal Ethnography

Adam Scott Resistance From Within: Early Findings from a Study on Youth Justice Practitioner’s Experiences of Policy

Katja Simončič Addressing the Collateral Damage of Fast Fashion: the Perception of Social Harm and the Possibility of Consumer Agency

Alex Simpson Neutralising Deviance: The Legitimation of Harm and the Culture of Finance in the City of London

Carly Speed Deafening Attempts to Silence: Critically Exploring the Deaths of Patients Detained in Psychiatric Detention

Luca Sterchele Subverting ‘Crime Diagnosis’: the Deconstruction of Social Dangerousness in Biographical Tales of ‘Mentally Ill Offenders’

Maryja Šupa Foucault and the City: Conceptualising Social Control Over Urban Space

Katie Tucker From “Amused Tolerance to Outrage”: A Critical Analysis of the Framing of Child Sexual Abuse within Institutional Sites

Holly White Westminster’s Narration of the Neoliberal Crisis: Rationalising the Irrational?

Hannah Wilkinson ‘What Was it All For?’ 21st Century Theatres of War and the Return to ‘Post-Conflict’ Life

Xiaoye Zhang Prison Theatre as Method: Focused Ethnography and Auto-ethnography in a Chinese Prison

Edited by Samantha Fletcher and Holly White