Global South Journal Subscriptions cut by 50%

EG Press is pleased to announce that we have reduced by 50% the subscription rates to Justice, Power and Resistance  for subscribers in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

The new subscription rates are:

  • US$12.50 Foundation Volume (2016) only
  • US$37.50 Volume 1 (2017) All three Issues
  • US$50.00 Foundation Volume (2016) and Volume 1 (2017) - A total of four issues
  • US$75.00 Volume 1 (2017) and Volume 2 (2018) - A total of six issues
  • US$87.50 Foundation Volume (2016),Volume 1 (2017) and Volume 2 (2018) - A total of seven issues

Anyone wishing to take advantage of this offer should please e-mail with the following details:

  1. Your name and the address you want your copies sent to.
  2. Exactly which subscription package you wish to subscribe to