Justice, Power & Resistance call for papers: Special Edition: Minorities, Crime and (In)justice

Within the contemporary moment, we detect the (re)emergence of official narratives that serve to situate social problems within a logic of pathological, maladjusted and/or culturally unassimilable minority groups to legitimise state-enabled (and sanctioned) violence.

Simultaneously, across the globe, the oft-communicated advance of right-wing populism necessitates political reactions, often exerted through penal apparatus, which disproportionately affect, yet paradoxically legitimise, the state’s harmful incursion into the lives of minorities. Emergent processes of criminalisation are deliberately concealed, hidden away and perennially denied. Moreover, the recent intensification of systemic state-enabled violence against LGBTQ, racialised and religiously defined bodies are now met with an academic ‘strategic silence’ (Matheisen, 2004) or are empirically argued away (Harris 2009, Cohen 2001). This silence is now giving way to ‘dangerous criminologies’ located within the criminogenic and pathologising tendencies of realist(s) interpretations which uncritically serve to reaffirm the cultural and societal incompatibility of minority groups as (an)other.

Despite the advances of critical counter-narratives to assuage such tendencies, we are again in the midst of State orchestrated and hegemonic narratives which serve to attribute contemporary social problems to the non-citizen and failed-citizen (Anderson 2013). This issue of the European Group journal welcomes papers and articles that reposition and centralise the ‘crime’ and criminal justice concerns of minority individuals, groups and ‘communities’ back onto the political and activist agenda. Furthermore, we also welcome contributions which appraise and challenge contemporary theoretical and conceptual thinking which simplistically serves to ‘other’ and impede minority perspectives (Phillips and Bowling, 2003).

Completed contributions, in English, should be submitted to one of the editors: Monish Bhatia (m.bhatia@abertay.ac.uk) or Patrick Williams (p.williams@mmu.ac.uk) by the deadline which is 15 November 2017. In the meantime, potential contributors are welcome to contact the editors to discuss potential papers.