Vol. 1 No. 2. Justice Power and Resistance Publication Delayed

Publication of the second 2017 issue of the Journal has been delayed.

Both the editorial and production is done in-house on a voluntarily basis by members of the European Group. Delays on the editorial side combined by EG Press production being suspended (from early August to mid-September due to home moves) means the next number will now not be available until October. We are still on schedule to produce the third and final 2017 number in December.

Apologies for the delay in getting the latest edition of the journal out. However, we do need time to ensure the quality of both its editorial and its production and have chosen to protect quality but not rushing it.

For those who need an immediate fix of European Group related readings please consider ordering one (or more) of EG Press's recent publications: Emerging VoicesVoices of Resistance and Women, Crime and Criminology: A Celebration.