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Massimo Pavarini No Prison – without ifs or buts

Johannes Feest & Sebastian Scheerer Against penitentiaries

David Scott The ethics of estrangement: anti-slavery talk, human rights and penal abolitionism

Giuseppe Mosconi Abolitionism: Without And Beyond Penal Law

Vincenzo Ruggiero No prison: Old and New Challenges

Simone Santorso No Prison: perspective and practices for a movement

Stefano Anastasia After mass imprisonment: an historical, cultural and Italian point of view on the abolishment of prison

Hedda Giertsen (University of Oslo) Prison and Welfare In Norway: Implications For Prison Policy 

Thomas Mathiesen (University of Oslo) Crime Down? Prisons Up?

Livio Ferrari No prison

Massimo Pavarini & Livio Ferrari NO PRISON: manifesto

Gwenola Ricordeau No abolitionist movement without us! Manifesto for prisoners’ relatives and friends

Ricardo Genelhu Brazilian manifesto to abolish prisons

David Scott & Deborah H. Drake Prison Abolition in Question(s)




Edited by: Massimo Pavarini and Livio Ferrari