Rosa del Olmo

The subject which I intend to discuss may seem exceedingly complicated, incoherent and vast. However, as I will try to show, its parts are closely related and they are not so complicated, but rather reflect different aspects of the same reality. By this I am referring to the reality of Latin American societies, characterised by their dependence, underdevelopment and more concretely by a heterogeneous socio-economic structure. It follows that Latin American violence has characteristics peculiar to it and it thus differs from that of developed nations. Moreover, as a result of the above, there exists a conception of criminological theory also peculiar to this continent and the result of the above. For the purposes of this essay, we have preferred to separate the different aspects of the subject at the outset so as to be able to develop a coherent synthesis. Thus, although we don't pretend to exhaust the problem of violence as an abstract and universal concept, we will begin by exploring what this concept means and what its implications are in Latin America.


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